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Investment Management

Investment Management


Investment Management

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients to understand and have confidence in the high-quality assets they own – even during times of market stress. We accomplish this by stripping back the most “common” way of investing through avoiding pooled investments, where a client’s money is co-mingled with other investors.

We assess your risk, tax implications, cost-efficiency, and distribution goals to offer unique investment and trading strategies. Great investing is the result of buying best-of-breed assets at compelling prices – there are no shortcuts to wealth accumulation.

As Fiduciary advisors, we eliminate the conflicts of interest common to most advisory firms: We are not beholden to any bank, brokerage or insurance company to distribute their in-house products. We do not accept kick-back commissions, concessions or incentive fees from outside money managers or vendors.

If Investment Management is not on your radar right now, please review our Retirement Planning Services that we offer here at Journey Financial Services. We also offer Estate Planning Services for those who need a will or trust. Let us help you achieve your financial goals today!

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