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Estate Planning

Estate Planning


Estate Planning

It’s been on your mind for a while. You either need a will, or to update the one you had created decades ago. We know – those are the two responses we get every time we ask about estate plans.

Getting help with your estate planning needs has never been easier. From wills and trusts to healthcare and financial power of attorney directives, we make it simple. Our network of Attorneys allows us to offer plans and legal protection for any state and easy options for keeping your estate documents up to date.

As our client, we regularly review your estate documents and their implementation to make sure your assets are protected. Scheduling a meeting with your beneficiaries is also important to use because we want to make the transition of your assets as seamless as possible.

If your immediate needs do not have Estate Planning in your future please consider our Retirement Planning Services to achieve your financial goals. Journey Financial Services also offers Investment Management Services including Retirement Accounts and College Savings Accounts.

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