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BlogShould You Hire an Investment Manager? 5 Signs It’s Time

Should You Hire an Investment Manager? 5 Signs It’s Time

Managing investments can become a stressful process, especially as your portfolio grows. If you have been considering hiring a fiduciary financial advisor to serve as your investment manager, here are some signs you should take the next step. 

What to Look for in a Good Investment Manager 

As you are browsing your options for the right investment manager to trust with handling your assets, look for these features they might offer: 

Operates on a Fiduciary Business Model 

Always look for a financial advisor or investment manager who operates on a fiduciary business model. A fiduciary professional operates independently of banks, brokerages, and insurance providers and does not act as a salesperson for those entities’ products. 

Instead, a fiduciary investment manager will act in your best interest and manage your assets in a way that supports your long-term financial health. You will have someone that knows the ins, outs, and subtle nuances of investing that you can trust to place your money in the best possible position to generate returns and build wealth. 

Offers a Complete Range of Services 

Beyond a fiduciary business model, your investment manager should also offer a complete suite of services to you as their client. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Institutional investing
  • Investment tax planning 
  • Investment auditing
  • Account asset management
  • Tax-loss harvesting 
  • Retirement planning 

With a full ecosystem of services, the investment manager can help you ensure that your assets work for you to not only generate wealth in the short-term but also plan well ahead into the future for a more secure retirement. 

Maintains an Excellent Reputation 

Before you decide which financial advisor should serve as your investment manager, you should conduct as much research as possible. Do they have any online reviews that can help point you in the right direction? Gather any and all intel before making your decision. After all, if they are managing high-value investments for you, you want to ensure they have the capabilities to grow your portfolio. 

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Investment Manager 

You’ve built a strong investment portfolio and now you want to know how to actually use it without causing unnecessary taxes or penalties. You can attempt this on your own, or you can entrust it to a professional to manage on your behalf. Here are some signs that you’re ready to grow. 

You Want to Expand Your Portfolio But Don’t Know the Next Step to Take 

If you’ve invested a great amount of time in building and maintaining your portfolio, it can sometimes seem difficult to determine where to go next. This is completely normal. You’ve focused on what you already have with painstaking detail. 

A fiduciary financial advisor can help manage your investments by alerting you to new trends, opportunities, and strategies to diversify and expand your portfolio. They can either do this on a consultative basis or you can hire them to make these decisions for you directly. If you decide to allocate all or part of your investment decision-making to your financial advisor, you can rest assured that an informed professional is doing everything they can to ensure your assets grow and generate returns. 

Your Portfolio Has Grown So Much, It’s Hard to Keep Track of Everything Easily 

The longer you invest, the larger your portfolio often grows. For some, this means having a roster of investments so diverse that it can be hard to keep track of when you have other business to attend to. 

Fortunately, fiduciary financial advisors that specialize in investment management dedicate their professional lives to ensuring your assets are as efficient, profitable, and organized as possible. Partnering with the right advisor will alleviate the stress of managing the individual items in your portfolio and they can even buy or sell for you if you would like them to. 

Your Investments Are Taking Away from Other Parts of Your Life that You Enjoy 

Your portfolio should serve as a profitable source of passive income. For some, managing investments can compete with other parts of their lives they enjoy. Would you rather spend time buying, selling, and trading or focusing more on your career, family, and social life? 

Many investors prefer to entrust their capital to an advisor that can fully manage their assets on their behalf. The advisor can apply their industry knowledge to your portfolio and grow it for you while you relax, enjoy that family vacation, and watch the returns come through. 

Your Portfolio is Trending Downward and You Don’t Know What to Do 

Every experienced investor knows that success and failure are two sides of the same coin. You cannot expect that one hundred percent of your investments will generate profitable returns. 

Some investors find themselves in a predicament where they are losing more than they are making and cannot develop a strategy on their own to correct the situation. This is where a financial advisor can step in and help manage these assets. 

An investment management professional can help you identify which portfolio items to sell, which to hold onto, and strategize new opportunities to rebuild on a path to growth. 

You Need Help Managing Your Returns 

Your investments have generated excellent returns and the profits are rolling in. What next? 

For those with large portfolios that generate high returns on a regular basis, figuring out how to best manage this income can be challenging. Partnering with a fiduciary financial advisor can prove advantageous in this instance. 

An investment manager can help you budget and maximize the efficiency of these returns to serve your financial interests. Are you looking to prepare for retirement, plan your estate, or pay off outstanding debts? A financial advisor can help you create a plan to do so using the money you generate from your investments to help you maximize your financial freedom. 

If you prefer to reinvest your returns, a financial advisor can also help you develop a strategy to accomplish your new investment goals. Whether you are looking for new trends, to further diversify your assets, or enter into a new type of investing, your advisor can also assist with these requests. 

Ready to Grow Your Portfolio? Start Working With an Investment Manager Today

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