Our Philosophy

1. The best investment recommendations are made in conjunction with a truly comprehensive financial plan and not just a risk and objective assessment.

2. Adequate diversification and holding quality investments for the long term are essential.

3. Individuals should utilize the same approach as institutions (preferring our clients hold quality individual securities, stock and/or bonds, in their own accounts).

4. For most accounts of adequate scale, mutual funds can be a very expensive and inefficient way to structure a portfolio, often making it nearly impossible to outperform the benchmark index due to layers of overlap and expenses.

5. Accounts of smaller scale are often best served by investing in lower cost index ETFs (exchange traded funds).

6. A client has the right to know and understand any and all costs associated with owning an investment. Transparency is paramount.

7. Most mutual fund portfolios are over diversified, imitating a giant market index fund
at an unreasonable cost.

8. Owning bond mutual funds can be dangerous in a rising interest rate environment.

9. Selecting the right advisor is as important as any investment decision you will make.

How We Deliver


Communication + Proactivity = Results

While we would never guarantee any specific investment outcome, we commit to provide proactive advice and communication in all environments and specific continued oversight of your planning. Each client we work with receives a very specific outline of how we make this happen. Each of our roles and responsibilities are clearly understood from the outset to ensure that we are doing everything possible to accomplish your objectives and enjoy the experience together.

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